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The USDA 416-b Program (Part I) - (2001 - 2002)

The USDA 416-b Program (Part I) was awarded to CHF in January 2001 and was completed in July 2002. It was a community-based development program focusing on the agricultural infrastructure, managed through a “cluster project committee” approach (REDI Methodology). The program was funded by United States Department of Agricultural and managed by the Mercy Corps International. As part of the USDA 416-b program, CHF administered a total amount of $930,000.

In coordination with REDI, CHF International designed and implemented this program to construct/rehabilitate agricultural roads, rehabilitate public parks, plant trees, subsidize seed distribution, construct and equip agricultural co-ops and dairy farms, establish thyme farms, and construct and line three irrigation lakes. 43 projects were completed for a total cost of $1.3 million, with $694,147 from CHF and $634,252 leveraged from partners, including local VCs, co-ops, and municipalities.