Success Stories


One Man's Story of Heroism and Recovery in the Face of War



All along the road to the South of Lebanon, one can see broken roads, destroyed houses, and the endless effects of war on the families’ lives. The conflict in the summer of 2006 displaced more than one million people, and killed or injured thousands of men, women, and children, leaving behind many physical and psychological problems.

One such person is Hussein Hajj Mohammed (pictured above), a young man who used to work with the civil defense services. One fateful day in July 2006, Hussein went in to rescue a boy and his father after their house had been bombed and lay in ruins. Sadly, the father did not survive the attack but the young boy had survived but sufered injuries. As Hussein's vehicle was transporting the young victim and his father to a medical facility, his civil defence vehicle was hit by another missile. As a result, Hussein, having saved the life of the little boy, was severly injured and is now paralyzed. Today he is a patient of the Lebanese Welfare Association for the Handicapped (LWAH) Nabih Berry Rehabilitation Center (NBRC) in Sarafand just South of Beirut.

Under CHF International's Humanitarian Assistance in Lebanon program, (made possible through the support of USAID/OFDA and the United Lebanon Relief Campaign) CHF is providing LWAH with medical supplies and equipment for the patients at NBRC. Hussein is one of the patients who is receiving intensive physical therapy and medical care for his injuries.

Even though Hussein lost his job because of his physical injury, he gained more confidence and faith in fighting all obstacles he would face while trying to get back to his normal life. With his physically disability, Hussein still looked positive: “I am delighted and glad that I saved that little boy’s life,” he said. Through the physical therapy Hussein is receiving at the NBRC, his ability to walk is improving and his inspiring story is keeping him optimistic on continuing with his life.