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Lebanon Education Assistance for Development - LEAD Program (2006 - 2010)

CHF International and its local partners launched the USAID-funded Lebanon Education Assistance for Development (LEAD) program to be implemented in North, Mount Lebanon, South Lebanon, Bekaa and Beirut.  This $5.85 million LEAD program consists of an integrated set of activities aimed at supporting quality education, while building a culture of dialogue instead of violence at the community level.

The program’s goal is to support the quality in the Lebanese public education by focusing special attention on improving the physical and psychosocial environment as a means to reinforcing social cohesion.

CHF has brought together a partnership of outstanding organizations in the private and public sectors, which form the LEAD Team. This team consists of CHF, Rene Moawad Foundation – RMF, Injaz Lebanon–IL,Union Arab ICT Associations (IJMA3) - Faculty of Health Sciences at the university of Balamand(FHSUOB).

The LEAD program will enhance the educational environment in 85 public schools in North, Mount Lebanon, South Lebanon, Bekaa and Beirut through: Minor infrastructure improvements; Provisions of equipment and supplies that can be practically applied to current curricula; and, Promotion of an integrated educational environment through awareness raising campaigns and extracurricular activities which promote tolerance, community involvement, and leadership