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Lebanon Apple Production Improvement - LAPI (2009-2010)

LAPI Objectives

LAPI aims at developing a mechanism for quality control and food safety for the production of apples in the producing areas of Mount Lebanon, Bekaa and North Lebanon; through enabling owners of agricultural holdings of applying good agricultural practices and production techniques throughout all stages of production (Value Chain) to ultimately produce a sound and competitive apple fruit in the domestic and foreign markets. The project also aims at improving the living conditions of the apple growers in particular and the agricultural sector in general. LAPI is implemented by CHF International Lebanon in partnership with Liban Village Cooperative and funding from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) via the Lebanese Ministry of Economy and Trade- General Directorate of Cereals and Sugar Beet.

LAPI Activities:

In practice, the project includes three major activities, namely:


First: Enabling owners of agricultural holdings of eleven (11) cooperative producers of apples from applying proper agricultural practices through all stages of production (Value Chain), starting from the cultivation of the  plant in the orchards,  to harvesting the apple fruits, and applying proper post-harvesting techniques for collection, transportation, and storage in refrigerators.  Appropriate equipments and tools for quality control and food safety will be distributed to cooperatives as part of this activity.


Second: Introducing new varieties of apples’ plants

In order to improve the quality of domestic apples, LAPI will import approximately 30.000 rootstocks of new varieties of apples including Red Chief, Scarlet Spur, Fuji , Top Spur, Early Red, Braeburn Rossi, Golden, Gala, Smoothee, Super Chief. Following a grafting period of one year, hybrid plants will be equally distributed to the cooperatives participating in the project for a reduced fee.


Third: Expanding and equipping four (4) cold storage units to maintain the quality of apples, including:

1. The Liban Village cooperative in Jbeil.

2. The “United Jawmeh" in Akkar

3. The “Association of Agricultural Cooperatives in Deir Al-Ahmar and the surrounding area" in the Bekaa.

4. René Moawad Foundation in Zghorta.

These units play an essential role in marketing the apples’ produce of the farmers. These centers serve as a collection/storage premises for many apple producers and hence attract local and regional traders. The geographical distribution of the centers targeted covers apple growers in 60 villages in Mount Lebanon , Bekaa and north. The LAPI will support these centers to facilitate the marketing of apples domestically and abroad through the networks and markets CHF established through its former projects.