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Humanitarian Assistance in Lebanon Programs

HAL Program

HAL program aims at providing life-saving and humanitarian assistance to families who underwent and suffered from the recent war in Lebanon. In response to quickly developing needs, activities under HAL are targeting the returning Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in 18 villages belonging to 3 clusters (Ghazieh, Tibnine, and Yarine), as well as the fishermen along the Lebanese coastline (covering 27 regions). CHF is distributing relief commodities (food items, non-food items, basic fishing tools, etc.) and increased access to clean water to lDPs (through the provision of generators, water reservoirs, pipes, etc.), in addition to the provision of awareness-raising sessions on hygiene and health care promotion, and psychological assistance. The program was amended to increase access of conflict affected communities to necessary agricultural and human resources, related to fishing and olive production.  These include rehabilitating and equipping the fishing market in Al-Abdeh, North Lebanon and creating income-generating activities in the field of olive harvesting in Chouf, Batroun, Koura and Zgharta regions.

HAL II Program

As part of the Humanitarian Assistance to Lebanon, Phase II – HAL II Program, CHF is targeting Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), who returned to their homes after the ceasefire in August 2006 and still do not have access to basic infrastructures such as water sources and distribution systems. In partnership with the Litany River Authority, CHF is repairing and reconstructing the pumping station, the administration building, the siphons as well as the bridges that were bombarded during the latest conflict. Furthermore, CHF, in partnership with the Lebanese Welfare Association for Handicapped-LWAH, is equipping the Nabih Berry Rehabilitation Center-NBRC in Sarafand, Southern Lebanon, with medical supplies in order to provide access to proper health care services for existing and newly disabled persons in the targeted region as well as disabled persons from other regions in the country. On the other hand, CHF, in partnership with the Rene Moawad Foundation-RMF, supported apple growers through the implementation of Apple Harvesting Project in 5 Cazas in Northern Lebanon.